There’s no limit to what integrated analytics insights can do for your business. From local retailers to international brands, knowing where you are with your marketing efforts and getting actionable recommendations on how to improve them will improve sales and margin.


PR and advertising agencies face increasing demands from clients to demonstrate the ROI on their campaigns. Insights from Flat Creek can provide firms and their clients with an integrated dashboard to monitor progress and demonstrate success. Our insights also give account teams a valued perspective on their progress and provide fresh ideas to keep campaigns moving forward.

With Insights from Flat Creek, your teams can stay focused on developing the best creative ideas while we take care of the metrics. And turns clients into fans.


No matter the service you provide your clients, from business coaching to process reengineering, clients are increasingly demanding metrics against which to measure success. Insights from Flat Creek takes the KPIs you identify and turns them into visual analytics and insights for your clients. Many metrics can be compiled automatically, but for those that need to be collected manually, our team will reach out to key points of contact every week to collect their numbers and update the dashboard.


Local auto dealers face increased competition in a struggling economy. Our Insights help you break through the clutter to maximize your marketing budget. Track sales by promotion, channel, location, demographics, or any other variable. Our experienced team of marketing analytics experts will not only deliver a visual dashboard of your success, but actionable insights and recommendations to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Financial Services

Your marketing is focused on building trust with your potential clients. But who do you trust to make sure that marketing is working? A Dashboard with integrated analytics will give you user-friendly numbers, our insights will tell you the story behind the numbers, and weekly recommendations will give you a path to manage your marketing just as smartly as you manage your clients finances.


Gone are the days when retail marketing consisted of a Sunday flyer. Mastering today’s multiple media channels — from print and TV to digital — requires a deeper, more focused understanding of what is working and what isn’t. Insights from Flat Creek not only delivers the numbers from your marketing programs, but also gives you actionable insights to help your marketing drive more customers through your doors.