Revolutionize your marketing with integrated analytics reports and analysis.

Our integrated analytics reports provide clients with an unparalleled view of which marketing initiatives are working, and recommendations to optimize their efforts even further.

Funnel all of your web and social analytics into a user-friendly reportIntegrated Analytics Dashboard

Organizations are overwhelmed today with data, especially from their digital marketing programs. Many even call it the era of Big Data. Our first step is to understand where your data lives, then pull key metrics into one concise, user-friendly dashboard. We merge your:

  • Web analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Email marketing performance
  • Online ad campaign results
  • Online video metrics

We then present key metrics in one, unified dashboard updated in real-time that helps you understand your digital marketing effectiveness. From here, you can easily see if a new marketing message, or previous marketing optimization, was successful.

How flexible is the mobile-friendly, integrated dashboard? Check out the screenshots below.

Analysis and Insights to make your marketing more valuableAnalysis & Insights

After integrating your web marketing analytics into one unified analytics dashboard, we work with you to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) most important to your organization. We also help you create analytics goals based on your prior results and industry benchmarks.

With marketing optimization goals in place, each week we will review your numbers and put them in context. This analysis will tell the story behind the numbers in a format that makes it easy to share with company stakeholders as well as your own team.

Create value from web analyticsActionable Recommendations

Having a clear picture of where you’ve been is helpful, but to drive value from your marketing initiatives, you need to be able to push forward faster and smarter than your competition.

Each integrated analytics dashboard contains a list of recommendations to incrementally improve your marketing efforts and make your digital programs more successful. These digital marketing best practices cover:

  • Improving the organization of your website to increase conversions
  • Leveraging Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm to make your social media posts more visible
  • Optimizing your email newsletters for a mobile audience
  • Focusing your ads on campaigns that produce sales, not just clicks
  • And many more

Over time, as you implement the digital marketing best practices recommended just for you, you’ll see your marketing metrics rise — right along with your sales.


Integrated real-time analytics and proven analysis that increase your bottom line.